How to use this tool


This web app was developed by the LABEL 2020 project for consumers. It supports the purchase and comparison of appliances in the following categories - free of charge, independent and without commercial background:

  • Cooling appliances
  • Dishwashers
  • TVs and electronic displays
  • Washer-dryers
  • Washing machines
  • Wine storage refrigerators

A new appliance is needed ...

Are you looking for a refrigerator, washing machine, etc. that suits you best? Perhaps you are unsure which of the appliances on offer are really efficient, as products with the new label are often only classified in class C or even worse?

Our LABEL 2020 Efficiency Check supports you in your appliance selection and purchase decision - whether on your smartphone, tablet or computer!

Important product data beyond the energy label for an informed purchase decision

The Efficiency Check provides you with product information about those that are listed on the energy label. These data makes it easier to compare the appliances and you can also better assess the running costs and estimated total costs.

But more about this in the following ...

It's that easy: Scan the QR code on the label

  • Simply scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone to retrieve the product data from the EU database. Go to the QR code scan [ HERE ].
  • If scanning the QR code is not possible or if you are using the tool at home on your PC or notebook, you can retrieve product data as an alternative by entering the brand and model name. Go to the model name entry [ HERE ].
  • You can repeat this process as often as you like for all the products you are interested in.

The tool uses the data from the official EU product database. Your retrieved product information is stored locally on your device. Of course, registration or entering your personal data is not necessary.

See product data and running costs - immediately estimate total costs by entering the purchase price.

  • You immediately see important product features - click [ HERE ] to get to My Products section - and the classification of the product's efficiency in comparison to the current market offer. You know immediately how economical the appliance actually is.
  • The estimate for the operating costs is also displayed - you can adjust the assumptions for frequency of use as well as for useful life according to your expectations. If you also enter the purchase price, you will receive an estimate for the total costs over the useful life. In this way, you can see which device is the most favourable for you overall.

Compare devices - your individual watch list and comparison overview

  • You can compare several model with each other. You can rearrange, delete and add more products later.
  • The products loaded into "My Products" remain saved even if you close the application or switch off the computer.

Label Guide - the most important information on the new labels

  • In addition, you will also receive information on the individual new labels, including the meaning of the symbols. Go to the label guide [ HERE ].
  • Under "Calculate Costs" you will find information on what data is used for the running costs - and what you can adjust yourself. Go to the "Calculate Costs" section [ HERE ].

With this tool, you will have a complete overview when buying a device!

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