Label Guide

Main features of the new energy label

The energy efficiency classes were specified in a way to reserve some room for further innovation of even more efficient products. No new efficiency classes will be added to the A to G scale in the future. The new labels provide new information for the various product groups. Find detailed explanations below for all product categories.

  • The new label uses a uniform A-G scale for all products. A+++/A+ will no longer exist.
  • In the upper right corner of the label a QR-Code is introduced which provides a direct link to the label database of the European Commission. 
  • The energy consumption of the products is shown in a more prominent and uniform way in the middle section of the label.

Important note: This tool uses product data from the official EU label database only and is independent from manufacturers or retailers and without commercial background.

Cooling appliances
Light sources
Professional refrigerated storage cabinets
Refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function
TVs & electronic displays
Washing machines
Wine storage appliances
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